Ogden City Art Grants

Applications are now closed for the 17/18 cycle

Ogden City Arts is now accepting Arts Grants applications.

Arts Grants are accepted in two categories:
  • General Support Grants
  • Project Grants

Applications are due by 5 pm on March 15, 2017 and may be emailed or mailed to arrive by 5 pm March 15, 2017 to Ogden City Arts, 2549 Washington Blvd, Suite 915, Ogden, UT 84401.  

The Ogden City Arts Grants program, funded through an annual appropriation from Ogden City makes direct grants to individuals and organizations that contribute to the cultural life of our community. Ogden City Arts Grants support projects in every art form for both well-established institutions and emerging artists.

The Ogden City Arts Grants program is competitive and requires a 1 to 1 cash match. The awards are made at the sole discretion of Ogden City.

Please read all application instructions carefully.

Remember Ogden Arts Grant deadline is March 15, 2017 at 5:00 PM