Urban Chickens Policy

Chickens are not currently permitted in Ogden, with the very limited exception of legally nonconforming parcels, meaning that chickens have been kept on the land continuously since before zoning ordinances were changed to no longer allow chickens.

For the handful of people permitted to have chickens, it is required that the chickens are confined at all times in proper enclosures and that all enclosures are kept in a clean and sanitary condition and maintained more than 75 feet from any dwelling.

Click here to access Ogden's ordinance regarding urban chickens.

Policy Considerations

There is currently no ordinance under consideration by the City Council.

The following list of potential policy considerations may help guide the conversation regarding the benefits and challenges of allowing urban chickens in Ogden's residential neighborhoods.

This page will be updated as information is gathered and the Council determines whether there is interest in pursuing a change to the current ordinance.
  • Licensing and enforcement
  • Health and Safety
  • Education
  • Lot sizes
  • Maintenance and expense
  • Neighbors
  • Noise (roosers)
  • Odor and waste
  • Quality of eggs (taste/nutrition)
  • Quality of life (pets)
  • Sustainability
  • Wildlife (raccoons, rodents, etc.)
  • Limitations
Urban Chickens City Benchmark